Daoyuan Li
PhD in Informatics
3, Um Iecker
L-7562 Mersch, Luxembourg
T (+352) 46 66 44 5720
H (+352) 671 045 463
Í www.daoyuan.li
2015 2018
Defended in
Doctor of Philosophy
, Machine Learning and Data Mining, Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability
and Trust (SnT), University of Luxembourg.
Dissertation: Transforming Time Series for Efficient and Accurate Classification.
2009 2011 Master of Science, Security and Mobile Computing, Erasmus Mundus Double Degree.
Thesis: A Proxy for Distributed Hash Table based Machine-to-Machine Networks.
2010 2011 MSc. (Tech.), Information Security and Network Services, Aalto University, Finland
2009 2010 MSc., Communication System Design, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden
2005 2009 Bachelor of Engineering, Software Engineering, Jilin University, China.
Professional Experience
PhD Candidate and Research Associate, SnT, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg.
Research on time series mining algorithms and applications in smart buildings and software systems.
{ Time series mining:
- Reducing time series dimensionality with discrete wavelet transform
- Transforming time series into texts and using natural language processing algorithms for classification
- A multiscale visibility graph representation for time series and feature extraction methods for classification
- Visualization of large time series databases and anomaly detection with hierarchical clustering
{ Applications in smart buildings and software systems:
- Pattern recognition and anomaly detection in sensor data from smart buildings
- A dashboard for visualizing sensor and actuator data
- Locating influential software changes in open source software systems
Technical Director and Board Director, Jiangsu Waibo Info. Co. Ltd., Nantong, China.
Various technical and management responsibilities in a start-up business.
{ Design, implementation, delivery and maintenance of company’s product platform:
- Web platform architecture and back-end implementation
- Business logic (information presentation, user application) implementation and refactoring
- REST API, search, payment, online chatting, accounts
- Middleware for user behavior tracking, recommendation system
{ Setup and maintenance of company IT infrastructure:
- Servers, networks, gateway, firewall (iptables), VPN (OpenVPN), and internal services
- Data redundancy and backup (Soft RAID, tar and Cron)
{ Two patent applications
{ Fund-raising activities: project pitching and raising funding from external agencies
Research Scientist, Ericsson Research, Jorvas, Finland.
Ericsson’s main contributor to EU research project Celtic CIER.
{ Design and implementation of a sensor network to deliver voice data:
- 6LoWPAN and CoAP protocol implementation on Arduino
- Performance optimization to reduce network congestion
{ Design and implementation an Android application:
- Packetization and transferring voice data to sensor network
- Statistics collecting and plotting
{ Integration (gateway) of the sensor network with partners’ WiFi mesh network
{ Project demonstrations
{ Contribution to project deliverables
{ Contribution to cooperate IPR portfolio: two patents granted [10, 12]
Thesis Worker, Ericsson Research, Jorvas, Finland.
Research work in Finnish Research Program Future Internet.
{ Design and implementation of a proxy to connect WSNs to the Internet over a DHT overlay
{ Contribution to project deliverables
Project Experience
Cryptocurrency monitoring and algorithmic trading system.
Implementation of a system to crawl and monitor cryptocurrency (BitCoin, Ethereum, Ripple Coin, etc.) prices
and conduct algorithmic trading based on back-tested strategies.
Real estate market monitoring in Luxembourg.
Implementation of a system to crawl and analyze real estate advertisements.
Smart Building Dashboard.
Implementation of a system to collect sensor readings as well as analyzing and visualizing those readings in a
web-based dashboard. Demo video: http://daoyuan.li/projects/pholidata/
Surveillance for Smart Home.
Implementation of an android application to ensure home safety and trigger video streaming when sensors detect
certain events.
Privacy Protection in Social Networking Services.
Research on combating privacy issues in social network services.
Network Protocol Implementation.
Implementation of an ICMP packet bouncer and networking protocols, e.g., Reliable UDP, SIP, SMTP, and HTTP.
Embedded GIS.
Implementation of a Geographic Information System for automobiles based on MapX and MiniGUI.
Public Transport Management System.
Design and implementation of a system to ease the management tasks for public transportation companies and
implemented journey planning for users.
Professional Skills
Programming C, C++, Java, Python, R, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, SQL, Bash
Data Analysis TensorFlow, Theano, Keras, NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, Highcharts
Web Dev-Op Docker, Django, Flask, Meteor, RabbitMQ, Amazon AWS
Networking TCP/IP, OSPF, BGP, HTTP, CoAP, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, proxies, gateways
Others Linux, Android [8, 11], Vim, Git, L
X, Arduino, MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch
Publications & Patents
[1] Daoyuan Li
, Jessica Lin, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé, Jacques Klein, and Yves Le Traon. Extracting
Statistical Graph Features for Accurate and Efficient Time Series Classification. In
The 21st International
Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT), March 2018.
[2] Daoyuan Li
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with Agglomerative Clustering of Indoor Temperature Movements. In
The 32nd ACM Symposium on
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Li Li,
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[5] Daoyuan Li
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[9] Daoyuan Li
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Household Appliance Electricity Usage with N-Gram Language Modeling. In
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Anna Larmo, Ari Keränen,
Daoyuan Li
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a data authentication key, February 2016. PCT Publication Number: WO/2014/094862, US Patent
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Li Li, Kevin Allix,
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[12] Daoyuan Li
, Ari Keränen, Riika Susitaival, and Anna Larmo. Haptic feedback enabled navigation system
using short range radio technologies, September 2014. PCT Publication Number: WO/2014/075733, US
Patent Number: 8,838,387.
2009 2011 Erasmus Mundus Scholarship
granted by the European Commission
, I was
the only Chinese recipient
in my program during this period.
2007 2008 Zhengyuan Scholarship, granted to only 1% of the students in my college .
2006 2008 National Endeavor Scholarship, granted to only 3% of the students in my college.
2006 2007 Dongrong Scholarship, granted to only 3% of the students in my college .
Training & Activities
07/2016 Visiting data mining group led by Prof. Jessica Lin at George Mason University.
Presentation of my research work on time series classification and discussion on collaborations.
11/2015 Visiting LSIR group led by Prof. Karl Arberer at EPFL.
Presentation of my research work and discussion on collaborations.
04/2015 Visiting Univ. of Bordeaux and volunteering for EuroSys’2015.
Visited group of Prof. Laurent Réveillère at LaBRI to discuss about my thesis topic and collaborations.
French Language Training.
Intensive training courses of French online and at Ai Français Shanghai.
Online Training on IP Networks.
Ericsson internal training on IP networks and routing.
Swedish Language Courses.
Intensive training of Swedish at KTH, Sweden.
ACM/ICPC Programming Summer Camp.
Intensive training of algorithms, data structures and programming.
Chinese Native
English Proficient Full professional proficiency in speaking and writing.
French Intermediate Currently taking CEFR B1.2 Level course.