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English speech for oral English class

Last time Irvin talked something about dreams. He said that we shall work for our dreams. And today I’m also gonna talk something about dreams, that’s Dreams & Reality.

Since Irvin asked me what my dream was three days ago, I have been thinking about it all the time. It actually reminds me of the time when another friend of mine asked me the very same question about two years ago. My dream was quite simple then:

I wanna find a place far away from any city and live there with my family. It could be in the mountain, or on an isolated island. We build our own cabins there; we grow our own vegetables and fruits and we keep cows for milk and chickens for eggs; we may also make our own clothes, too. During the daytime I will plow the fields, water the plants or go fishing on a small boat. In the evening the whole family will sit around a table to have dinner in the candle light. We share and we talk and we laugh. I may have some cherubic kids, too. After finishing the housework, I’d tell them stories and teach them to read and write, while my wife may teach them to sing and dance. At night perhaps the kids will look for the shiniest star in the twinkling of a starry sky, just as their papa did when he was a little boy. We climb mountains to watch the sunrise and sit shoulder to shoulder with each other on a big
rock just waiting for the sunset. We live in a kingdom where we are kings and queens of ourselves, with the territory full of fragrance of flowers and songs of birds. Our world is always in peace and harmony. We enjoy the sunshine, the fresh air, the breeze, and the drizzle. It’s just like living in a fairy tale.

Now, when I think back, I’m even a little surprised with myself! Wow, years ago I was so romantic! But then what happened next? Everyone was telling me that the reality would not let me to realize my dream. They asked me to live in the real word. Some people even laughed at me:”How unrealistic and romantic you are!” Then gradually I realized the so called reality. I thought:”Yeah, they might be right. I am unrealistic!” And I began to feel ashamed of being “romantic”! My dream seemed to have vanished! How pathetic! I lost my dreams and at the same time, I lost myself.

Fortunately Irvin’s words enlightened me:”dream is what you desire.” Yeah, dream is what we dream for! Why bother compare it with reality? Why shall dream surrender in front of reality? Dream means what we want and which has not been turned into reality!

So when we talk about dreams, just get rid of reality. We dream, therefore we are! We just need have a little faith. We shall believe in ourselves and let our dreams guide us. We are born to change the world, not to let the world swallow our dreams! Thousands of years ago people dreamed of flying and going up onto the moon. Today the dreams have come true! That’s the magic power of dreams!

So guys, don’t get frustrated by the other’s words or the reality. Just like Henry David Thoreau says:” Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts.” Be romantic! Retrieve your dream, keep it and cherish it! Just dream your own dream; just follow your heart!


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