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How to Control Piracy in China

As the Internet becomes more and more popular, it’s increasingly convenient to share information with each other. However, at the same time, the Web has given rise to some serious problems, for example, piracy. And this may bring about a new moral crisis.

Now or never. Since it’s so urgent, we must find ways to ban piracy before it gets more serious. Fist of all, the government must lay laws to protect the right of authors and film producers, and punish the pirates severely. Piracy in China is more serious than other countries, it’s because, at least to some extend, that we haven’t got any laws to punish the pirates. Second, we shall let people know that it’s both morally wrong and illegal to by pirated books or DVDs. Some people are just not aware of what they’ve done is wrong. Third, we may achieve more by reduce the price of authorized product by a little bit, for many people just think it shouldn’t be worth so much.

Rome is not built in one day. To solve the problem completely, we’ve got a lot to do. However, if every learns to show respect for others, we certainly will make it. It’s just not a problem of how to solve it, but a matter of time.


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