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How to Solve the Energy Problem

Nowadays we seem to be having a splendid life, but more and more people start to worry about the energy problem. It appears that we’re going to have an energy crisis soon. The world is likely to run out of oil and metals and thus cease industrial production.

To this problem, many countries respond with the demand for more rigid conservation of our natural resources. Indeed, by this we can save a lot since energy wasting is so serious that it has become habitual and traditional. If the natural resources are used economically, we can certainly slow down the present drain on the limited energy supply. However, conservation alone is not the answer. It’s obvious that we can save much energy, but we can only delay the energy crisis, let alone solving the problem completely. No matter how abundant certain natural resources may be, they are bound to be used up ultimately as they can not reproduce themselves. So in the long term, we must develop and harness new energy sources such as solar energy and nuclear power and other unknown resources. These new kinds of energy are more effective and clean and they will surely benefit us a lot.

In brief, traditional resources are not limitless and new kinds of energy are urgently needed. If we are to keep a sustainable development, we must try to solve it quickly because it’s one of the
toughest problems we are faced with.


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