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Love Is All Around

I guess most of you present here have heard of such a true story: when the primary school teacher named Luonanying suffered from the leukemia, she wrote an article, expressing her deep love and expectancy on her tender-age son. After the article was seen in the newspaper, citizens of Ningbo were all deeply moved by her. In just one week, more than 2,000 citizens of Ningbo donated 600,000 yuan to her. People all over China were deeply touched by the citizens of Ningbo. Just exactly as what Luonanying later said in an interview, it’s her love on her son that moved people, and it’s people’s unselfish love that moved her and everyone else in the world. Love is all around.

Indeed, love is a kind of disinterested emotion; it is the most sacred emotion of world; it comes from one’s deepest part of the soul. Where there is life, there is love. In retrospect, there were so many touching stories proving that love is all around.

I believe that everyone has heard of Tianshiguo and Xubenyu.Tianshiguo donated one of his kidneys to his mother. You may say that it’s what a filial son should do for his mother, and that it’s just a part of human nature. Then think of Xubenyu, who voluntarily go to support education in the poor village. What did he want to get? Money? Fame? Or other things of this sort? Well, I don’t think it that way. He did so because of love! He wanted to disseminate love!

When the tsunami broke out, people all over the world dedicated the benevolence, helping the victims rebuild their homes. When “SARS” broke out, we helped each other, winning the battle against “SARS”. Because of love, “SARS” got another meaning: Smile And Remain Smile! Love is everywhere.

There are these beautiful sentences in the song “Love is all around”:

I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
The love that’s all around me
And so the feeling grows
It’s written on the wind
It’s everywhere I go

Yes, just as the song goes, love is everywhere we live. We can’t live without love!

But of course, love doesn’t exist only in our human society; it also exists in the nature. I suppose you have heard of such a touching story: when a butcher came near to a cow with his sharp knife, it suddenly knelt down, with tears rolling down from the cheek. The butcher hesitated for a short while, but at last he still raised his knife and killed the cow. Then he understood everything: there was a head of calf in the cow’s belly! So love, the most sacred emotion of world, also exists in the nature.

Even so, we often hear people say: “If there is no love in the world, we will…” I think its just nonsense, because the world could impossibly lack love. There is love in the sunshine, in the breeze and in the drizzle; there is love in lovers’ eyes; there is love in everyone’s heart. Love is just like air; sometimes you may not feel it, but it indeed exists everywhere around us.

Love is all around!

That’s all for my speech. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.


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