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National humiliation day

The air alarm lasted for 15 minutes, reminding people here the national humiliation—on September 18th, 1931, the Japanese army launched their long-predisposed intrigue to swallow our land.

Without the alarm, it is just a common day. Many may have forgotten why today is special; many may feel confused by the alarm. All they care is how many medals we got in the Olympics; or nothing at all except which clothes they shall put on.

Chinese are forgetting their histories. Or are we becoming short-sighted?

At this moment when China concentrates all its resource on economic, situation like this doesn’t seem weird at all. When our energy is limited, we have to give up something for others. When it is the right time, we will get rid of these problems one by one.

But when is the right time? I’m sure I’m not alone upon this question.


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