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前段时间什么事都不想做,整天就这么懒洋洋的耗着,也不知道为什么这么没动力。后来听到“Rise And Fall”,这几句歌词也许可以解释:

Sometimes in life you feel the fight is over, and it seems as though the writings on the wall,superstar you finally made it

但是对我来说,the fight is far from over; and I’m no way a superstar. So gear up for the new fight — the final fight in my undergraduate life.

Light up! ‘Coz I’ve no other choices.


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Traveling is one of the best ways to learn. You can experience what you have not experienced before. You can visit majestic buildings. You can taste marvelous foods. You can make friends with all kinds of people. You can learn the people, the language, the culture, and the history. Thanks to the diversity and magnificence of the world, by traveling you can broaden your horizons and open your eyes to the world.

Traveling is good for your health, too. From one aspect, it is refreshing. With all kinds of magnificent scenery, you will just forget the trifles and pressure in your mind. From another, you will exercise a lot when you are on the go. For example, when you climb the mountains, you are just doing sports. So if you want to keep fit, just go and travel!

But traveling is for the brave ones, for to travel means to explore. You have no idea with what is going to happen and what you are going to see and feel. There are always surprises. You are likely to see the scenery you have not expected. Sometimes it is quite magnificent. But on other occasions it could be rather unattractive, which you have to bear with all your efforts.

Anyway, traveling is becoming more and more popular. It benefits us a lot. So why not?


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Think before you speak

It cost me ¥1 to learn this proverb. I should have learned it before, but I hope it’s the last time I pay the tuition.

Rocky is the foreign teacher today in the English corner, and he is surely a shrewd one. “I can do two to three hundred push-ups in four minutes. You give me one Yuan and if I lose, I’ll return you two Yuan.” Considering his size, I said “I’m in!” and gave him one Yuan. He is 180 kilograms, how could he do 200 push-ups in 4 minutes? There it goes. He did three push-ups and then stand up, looking at us seriously, “You lose.” “Why?”

“I’ve told you to think before you speak, I just said I could do 2 to 300 push-ups in four minutes, so I win!”


“So these are mine!” Holding a handful of one-Yuan notes, he said happily. For some other guys also joined the game, one of them even bet two Yuan for it.

Well, there my money goes, but besides, I’ve learnt something more, such as “adidas” means “All Day I Dream About Sex”.

But I should have been more careful. I thought I was a boy of principle. I never gamble and I hate it. But today I couldn’t help betting with Rocky, why? Why I’m always lured by some minor benefit? I could never be too careful.


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Mother’s Day: What I have done and What I should have done for my Mother

It’s Mother’s Day today. I’ve never celebrated Mother’s Day anyway. But, I think it’s time to express my gratitude and my deep feelings; and we shall always learn to express our feelings, gratitude, regret, etc.

I’m not going to ‘celebrate’ Mother’s Day though; instead, I don’t think Mother’s Day should only be celebrated on this particular day. In fact, I do think that everyday may be the same; and we should ‘celebrate’ Mother’s Day EVERYDAY!

Well, my mother has nothing in particular indeed; she is much like every the other mother in the world. She gave me my life; she taught me to walk, to speak, and to be a man with responsibility; she has been loving her son ever since I was born.

Then what I have done?

Well, if I think hard, I do realize something I’ve done sometimes. I have been getting along very well thanks to my family; I have been working very hard towards my destination; and above all, I’ve been living, safe and sound.

But I did make make mistakes. Some of them even made my mother rather sad at times. There was a time when I don’t want live in this world any more owing to the heavy stress of school work. This dangerous and ridiculous idea really scared my mother. She got heartbroken and extremely angry. Fortunately I realized my fault and, very fortunately again, I did very well in the Senior Middle School Entrance Examination.

And what I should have?

Actually I having been thinking about questions like this every single day. And I believe that as long as I’m living soundly, my mother should be quite happy. So, keep in good health and work hard to realize my dreams, that’s all I should have done; and that’s what I have done.

So, on this particular day, I have a clear conscience. And I believe it will be the same for me as well tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.


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