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Think before you speak

It cost me ¥1 to learn this proverb. I should have learned it before, but I hope it’s the last time I pay the tuition.

Rocky is the foreign teacher today in the English corner, and he is surely a shrewd one. “I can do two to three hundred push-ups in four minutes. You give me one Yuan and if I lose, I’ll return you two Yuan.” Considering his size, I said “I’m in!” and gave him one Yuan. He is 180 kilograms, how could he do 200 push-ups in 4 minutes? There it goes. He did three push-ups and then stand up, looking at us seriously, “You lose.” “Why?”

“I’ve told you to think before you speak, I just said I could do 2 to 300 push-ups in four minutes, so I win!”


“So these are mine!” Holding a handful of one-Yuan notes, he said happily. For some other guys also joined the game, one of them even bet two Yuan for it.

Well, there my money goes, but besides, I’ve learnt something more, such as “adidas” means “All Day I Dream About Sex”.

But I should have been more careful. I thought I was a boy of principle. I never gamble and I hate it. But today I couldn’t help betting with Rocky, why? Why I’m always lured by some minor benefit? I could never be too careful.


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