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About Daoyuan Li

Hello, I’m Daoyuan Li, a computer scientist and experienced team leader. My expertise lies in software engineering and machine learning, with a particular focus on time series data analysis and natural language processing. My career has seen recognition through the granting of two utility patents and the publication of over 20 research papers.

Beyond my technical proficiency, I’ve successfully established and managed cross-functional teams, covering aspects like recruitment, onboarding, coaching, performance tracking, program management, and strategy planning.

My education journey has taken me to serveral different countries and I obtained my Ph.D. in 2018. Throughout my professional life, I’ve built a reputation for efficient problem-solving, while maintaining an open-minded and pragmatic approach. I excel at grasping the bigger picture, organizing and prioritizing tasks, and overcoming obstacles.

On a personal note, I’m an avid reader of novels, psychology, and economics books, and I enjoy listening to podcasts during commutes. I actively participate in startup and data science meet-ups. Personally, I firmly support the principles of the market economy and often identify as a liberalist.