Debugging Apache configuration files on Mac OS X

Sometimes I make some modification to my site’s apache config and apache stops functioning, but I cannot get enough information from /var/log/apache2/error.log. Here’s a command that will tell you where the problem is:

It starts apache for debugging and prints out the messages on screen, so that hopefully you can find something useful.

Port already in use issue of Arduino for Eclipse plugin

When uploading with avrdude the plugin give a error prompt saying “Port already in use” (while no other application is using the port). After clicking OK it actually uploads the program to Arduino board.


After reading issue #6 I check the librxtxSerial.jnilib in eclipse:

While in my Arduino application the librxtxSerial.jnilib output is:

So I just copied the file to eclipse/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/419/1/.cp/librxtxSerial.jnilib It works after restarting eclipse. No error prompts are shown.

iCal crashes with iCal Reply Checker uninstalled

My iCal crashes everytime when someone sends me an invitation and I try either to accapt or decline it. After some investigation I found out it is the problem with iCal Reply Checker” at

After unstalled this app, it resets the Mail.scpt file to an empty file. To solve the problem: get another copy of Mail.scpt from another Mac, preferably from the same OS X version; and put it inside the folder: /Applications/

Lesson learnt: take care when trying amature software.

Bug in Waspmote API v0.15

I found a bug in Waspmote API v0.15 when I was trying to set XBee link keys. The API failed to set the key as specified in the code. The bug lies in function gen_data()” in lines 4355-4403. Details below. However, it was corrected in v0.18.

The function in v0.18 is as follows: