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A walk on the sea

Just took a walk literally “ON” the sea since the water was completely frozen.

It was my third time walking on ice.

The first time was in Kiruna, a small town in the arctic circle in northern Sweden. We were walking on a lake and the guide told us to keep a distance from each other, so as not to break the ice and get ourselves frozen in the lake. It made us all nervous but in the
end I found him to be kidding. You can even drive trucks on that. On the way back the guide drove the van onto a lake and showed us how it was like to drift on ice.

The second time I was walking on the shore around Otaniemi and found many Finns skiing or ice fishing on the sea. So I walked on it with great care, and found out it was quite safe to walk there.

This morning I was originally planning to take a walk along the coast line. But then again I found some guys
playing on the sea. So I stepped out on it. At first I was a bit afraid, after all we were getting positive temperatures in the past few days. But after a while I was sure that there was nothing to be afraid of. I jumped on the sea and nothing happened. Besides, walking on the sea is much easier than walking on the road. Walking on the sea is like struggling in a swamp, as snow could be very thick at some points; while walking on the road was like dancing Waltz on a mirror, because the roads
are covered with ice and a very thin layer of fresh snow. And this time I used GPS to track my location and ended up with the following trail.


The whole trail is 7 kilometers and my average speed was 4.39 km/h. But the top speed was 13.36 km/h because I was chasing by a shark. LOL.

Another picture:

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