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What a day: bus and dogs

Almost ran over by a bus at a crossroad when I was riding home from work, I jammed the brakes on and hear the rubbing sound of my bicycle tyre against the ashalt. Fortunately it stopped quickly and the bus was not running very fast, and it slowed down too. I was lucky that I had tuned the bike brakes a fews weeks back so that it can actually stop, not decelerate, in a short time.

After another block I kinda calmed down but two dogs started chasing me. They were barking and close to me. I had to lift my legs up in afraid of their bites. But then the bike slowed down and it almost ran onto the curb. Fortunately enough, the dogs stopped chasing.

So in a way I was lucky not having ended up in the hospital today, I guess there should be some good news for me in the next few days…









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Living in town and working in countryside

This morning I had to go to Helsinki city center to pick up some office equipment, and once I got on the bus I noticed something different from my daily routine: I couldn’t find a seat that no one was sitting beside, which is quite rare when I go to/back from work. Before this I had always thought that there isn’t enough people in Finland even to fill a bus… It became more obvious when the bus in driving away from the highway and begin entering the city center: there was roughly one km queue of traffic waiting, I thought only big cities have this kind of problems. Turned out I was wrong.

One hour later when I was going back to work from Helsinki center, I got onto a bus in which I was the only passenger — for more than 10km. After that there were three of us all the way to my workplace. And after we got off, the bus was empty again — of course the driver was still there… Living inside ring one and working outside ring three certainly has some benefits: one never needs to worry about crowded public transportation.

Things become quite different when you take them for granted, isn’t it?

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