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The plethora of opportunities

For most of us, we live in a society with abundant resources: delicious food to taste, delicate clothes to put on, various activities to attend to, wonderful places to visit and numerous things to do. Yet, all these abundance are not necessarily good for us: we’re getting distracted to the extend that we don’t know what exactly we’re chasing for.

Some people say we are getting superficial — that we are trying endlessly from one thing to another and shortly getting tired of each of them. But this superficialness doesn’t come from nothing. We’re superficial not because there exist many temptations, instead, we’re not able to resist these temptations that trick us into thinking about illusions and trajectories of ourselves. We try to find life meanings by doing things but often end up in vain, maybe the right way to go is not finding meanings: maybe it’s the other way round. How we do things and live our lives is simply the meaning.

The meaning of a nomad’s life is traveling and not settling anywhere. The life meaning of a adventurer is adventure. A person focusing constantly on something becomes an expert.

Opportunities are always there, but we are not. It’s not an opportunity without the capability of taking advantage of it, be it the accumulation of prior experiences or fast learning and adapting abilities.

Indeed there are too many opportunities, however, one does not need thousands of opportunities to succeed. One is enough. Prepare for it, focus on it, reach for it before it comes to you and let it work for you.

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We need a talk

Weird, I’ve been thinking talking with people isn’t actually a waste of time. During the past few days I’ve been talking with people and it turned out to be quite pleasant experiences. You get to know people when you start a discussion.

I didn’t know Bangladesh was called East Pakistan 30 years ago. Yea I knew India, Pakistan and Bangladesh used to be one whole country under the
jurisdiction of Great Britain. I got to know India was divided into three when I was discussing with some classmates last year. But I never realized Pakistan and Bangladesh used to be one country. It was refreshing to know that when I was talking with one Pakistani today during lunch.

Earlier I’ve heard of rumors on how Jews are ruling America and why Obama was chosen to ease the anger or suspect of the people; I’ve heard of how Mao Xinyu has been pretending to be a fool
so as not to be banished or killed; I’ve heard legends of how masters of Mahjong observe on the table and connect players’ behaviours to their fates…

I’m not sure if all of those still stand against existing evidence or just logically correct, still it doesn’t stop me enjoying these rumors. They open my eyes and enable me to think from different perspectives. As I see it, this is one of the most beneficial factors one could have out of China, besides the
accessibility of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and porn videos. In China people tend to think the same and behave the same. “One (unrealistic) dream, one (occlusive) world.” Uniformity is always the rule of thumb. But here, at least in Europe, you feel individuals bear vastly different opinions over the same issue. Most importantly they are not afraid of speaking out their minds. You understand them better; the communications with Europeans are easier than with Asians for me. In some
occasions I’m just fascinated with their thoughts; their ideas are sometimes peculiar but always refreshing.

Frequent exchanging of ideas helps us to be understood better. The other day the French guy asked me if it’s a joke when we say we don’t have access to Facebook. When I replied yes he seemed shocked. It could be difficult for him to figure out why, but having this in mind may help him understand how terrified of the external world.

I was feeling weird because I
always thought talking and communicating with people is useless, or not so efficient at best, compared with reading. Now I’ve got a new figure. It’s nice to talk with people. It’s necessary to get a picture of others’ thoughts and make yourself understood. So let’s talk.

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Mobile fantasies

This morning I was going to work with Rasib and we had a little chat on mobile phones. He told me that people in Bangladesh would be willing to pay months’ salary to buy fancy cell phones. Some dudes are so insanely crazy that they have good shiny mobiles, but they cannot even afford to pay subscriptions. It’s funny to picture someone carrying an iPhone while not being able to talk over it, instead he
goes to public telephones to make a call…

Earlier I’ve read similar stories with Vietnamese. They spend a fortune on mobile phones that may bring them self-assurance. To think a bit, maybe people are not so irrational when we look upon ourselves. As a matter of fact we all do the same thing every now and then. Buying fancy clothes and boots than one should; attending not-so-affordable high-class universities; humiliating oneself so as to get in some community,

The common thing behind the scene is that we spent more than we could afford to get such a feeling that we are important, or at least as important as others, if not more important. We are eager to get ourselves recognized all the time by pretending to be more respectful than others. Failing doing that, we may at least try to tell ourselves apart from the ‘losers’.

But what’s a loser anyway? Paying more than one could possibly afford doesn’t look like a winner’s
behaviour for me. One may look great doing that, taking away the fact he may be feeling miserable at the same time. People are always pretending to be someone else, at last they are confused and insecure and lost in others’ images. Isn’t that pathetic?

Using iPad doesn’t make you Steve Jobs; wearing black frame glasses doesn’t make you an art director, no matter how hard you try. You’re just yourself and no one else.

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25/10/2010–07/11/2010参考C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4
Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4。同时启动第二个Qt项目,做好详细规划。


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前几天在Quotes of the Day上看到这么Robert Frost的这么一句话:”The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.” 看看自己,好像一直是“willing to work”的那一类人,远没有另外一种人活的逍遥自在。

就拿现在安全课的小小seminar来讲,选题的时候其他两位组员就指望着我来写写程序,这个我倒没有多大意见,毕竟这是我所能做而他们可能不太会做的;然而后来他们得知我的Scientific Writing得了个Preliminary的A,于是把写报告的任务也推给我了。







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