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We need a talk

Weird, I’ve been thinking talking with people isn’t actually a waste of time. During the past few days I’ve been talking with people and it turned out to be quite pleasant experiences. You get to know people when you start a discussion.

I didn’t know Bangladesh was called East Pakistan 30 years ago. Yea I knew India, Pakistan and Bangladesh used to be one whole country under the
jurisdiction of Great Britain. I got to know India was divided into three when I was discussing with some classmates last year. But I never realized Pakistan and Bangladesh used to be one country. It was refreshing to know that when I was talking with one Pakistani today during lunch.

Earlier I’ve heard of rumors on how Jews are ruling America and why Obama was chosen to ease the anger or suspect of the people; I’ve heard of how Mao Xinyu has been pretending to be a fool
so as not to be banished or killed; I’ve heard legends of how masters of Mahjong observe on the table and connect players’ behaviours to their fates…

I’m not sure if all of those still stand against existing evidence or just logically correct, still it doesn’t stop me enjoying these rumors. They open my eyes and enable me to think from different perspectives. As I see it, this is one of the most beneficial factors one could have out of China, besides the
accessibility of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and porn videos. In China people tend to think the same and behave the same. “One (unrealistic) dream, one (occlusive) world.” Uniformity is always the rule of thumb. But here, at least in Europe, you feel individuals bear vastly different opinions over the same issue. Most importantly they are not afraid of speaking out their minds. You understand them better; the communications with Europeans are easier than with Asians for me. In some
occasions I’m just fascinated with their thoughts; their ideas are sometimes peculiar but always refreshing.

Frequent exchanging of ideas helps us to be understood better. The other day the French guy asked me if it’s a joke when we say we don’t have access to Facebook. When I replied yes he seemed shocked. It could be difficult for him to figure out why, but having this in mind may help him understand how terrified of the external world.

I was feeling weird because I
always thought talking and communicating with people is useless, or not so efficient at best, compared with reading. Now I’ve got a new figure. It’s nice to talk with people. It’s necessary to get a picture of others’ thoughts and make yourself understood. So let’s talk.

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