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Category: Miscellaneous

Bug in Waspmote API v0.15

I found a bug in Waspmote API v0.15 when I was trying to set XBee link keys. The API failed to set the key as specified in the code. The bug lies in function gen_data()” in lines 4355-4403. Details below. However, it was corrected in v0.18.

The function in v0.18 is as follows:

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Generating UML diagram from Java source code

Sometimes we may need to generate UML diagrams from source codes. Here’s what I do for Java code: graphviz + ant + UMLGraph. Details below:

1. Install graphviz and ant, download UMLGraph fromĀ

2. Place UMLGraph.jar in your project, for example, under

3. Write or modify your ant script, for example:

4. Run this ant script.

5. You will get the UML class diagram as expected in the generated Java docs. Here’s one example (click to enlarge):


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