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EuMI: ranked last in the Reserve List

I won’t get the scholarship unless 45 guys in front of me give up their opportunities… So it’s totally hopeless for me to go to study in UK or Germany. Well, at least it’s easier for me to make the final decision.

I received the following email on Mar. 3.
Definitely no hope.

Dear Applicant,
We are glad to notify you you have been admitted to the European Master in Informatics (EuMI) after a very demanding selection process.
You have been considered eligible and you can enroll to the Master course.
Unfortunately, at present, you have not been awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship.

The EuMI fees for eligible students are 6,500 Euros per year (2-year course)and you can choose among the available Specialization
and Mobility offers (please refer to the EuMI website for details)

If students accepted with scholarship should withdraw, we will contact you for the EuMI scholarship offer.


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