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Matchstick men

Yesterday I watched the movie “Matchstick men” starring Nicolas Cage, of whom I’m a big fan. The movie was great and the ending was quite unexpected. I thought I had watched all Nicolas’ movies, but for some reason I missed this one. But it’s still nice, the movie gave me a pleasant surprise. A con artist gets conned — the plot is a bit similar to some episodes of  “Hustle”.

This noon I went to lunch in a restaurant in Kirkkonummi city center with many colleagues. The food was nice; and the salad was really great. It was probably the most delicious salad I’ve ever tried. The bread was good, too. Even I could tell the difference between the food in a proper restaurant and Amica food. We sat outside in the terrace in the sunshine. It was a bit cool, but it feels like summer is already here.

The sky went dark in the afternoon. I was planning to pick up some office gears after work. But since I was only wearing short shirts without a jacket, it’d be a good idea to go there tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll be good weather then. 🙂

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