Migrating JComments to WordPress

I switched back to WordPress from Joomla! after I registered this new domain. After migrated all the posts to WordPress using FG Joomla to WordPress, I noticed the comments have not been transferred. After some digging I didn’t find satisfactory plugin to do that, so I wrote my own PHP script to fulfill this task. The code is also available from GitHub.

6 thoughts on “Migrating JComments to WordPress

    • Thanks for the link! I remember I tried that some time ago. But it was not totally working for me at that point. Couldn’t recall the exact issue though…

  1. Hi F. Gilles – Thanks for providing info! Might you be able to provide any info about where to input this code into database / which file to modify in order to bring the comments over to WordPress? Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for the code. But now this code is not correct. You can edit it so that it began to work correctly for the current version of WordPress?

  3. Hi Daoyuan Li,

    Thanks for the code, but a total noob question. How do you run this script? It is not a script that should be run on a page obviously… but where and how to run it?




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