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Privilege given up

I’ve given up the privilege to enter graduate school without examinations. Yeah, to many of my fellow students I’m a little too bald. After all, I may get into a top graduate school in China.

Then what? I would get a master’s degree and then apply abroad grad schools? It’s true that if I choose to stay home, now I shall be rather relaxed instead of worrying about how many scores I may get in the GRE and TOEFL, or what should be added into my PS and resume, or, what’s the possibility that I can get into a top group. But if I am easy now, two or three years later I may well go through all the difficulties and barriers that I’m faced with today. So why not fight today for a better tomorrow?

Besides, I do not see any grad school in China interests me. From my point of view, there’s little difference between undergraduate and graduate education in China. A lot of postgraduates crowd in the lab and doing what they do not want to do, with little, if any, help or directions from their supervisors. That’s not what I want to do for the next two or three years.

I believe action makes differences. Still I believe my efforts will pay off.

Life is mysterious; future is unknown; I shall just go.


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