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The Bucket List

Today I saw the movie The Bucket List directed by Rob Reiner, in which Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman acted as two patients who had been diagnosed with cancer. Knowing their approximate day of dying, they wrote their “bucket list” – the wishes they wanted to realize before kicking the bucket but had not yet been carried out. The list reads:

1. Help a complete stranger for the good.

2. Laugh until I cry.

3. Witness something that is majestic.

4. Sky diving.

5. Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world.

6. Get a tattoo.

7. Drive a Shelby.


They went and gave it a shot. They realized most of the wishes on the list.

Then I begin to think, what if I were told to be dying in a couple of months? What will be my bucket list? That is a really tough question. It is said in the movie that 96 percent of people do not want to know their day of dying. But it is a realistic question that everyone may be faced with. So here goes my “bucket list”:

1. Find the most innocent kid in the world and look deep into his eyes.

2. Apologize with all my heart and soul to whom I have ever broken their hearts.

3. Spent a whole day alone, thinking about my whole life.

4. Talk with my family. Tell my childhood memories to my children.

5. Go to the forest and appreciate every creature with gratefulness.

6. Find a place extremely quiet and listen to the sound of silence.

People always talk about what are really important in life. But they seldom pursue them. Everyday we are concerning about how much money we are making, how large out house could be. However, we care little about love for another and our health.

May be it is high time that we settled out finding the essence of life.


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